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Syncs the provided import CSV file with the nimbusec system. sync-domains provides a 2-way sync, which means that all domains in the CSV will be created in our system, while any domains missing in the CSV (but present in our system) will be removed. The 2-way delete can be disabled via delete option.


If you have Go installed, the sync-domains can simply be installed by go get:

go get


  • delete: default FALSE; delete domains from nimbusec if not provided in the CSV
  • update: default FALSE; updates domain info (e.g. bundle ID); ELSE just inserts new domains without modifying existing
  • workers: default 1; number of parallel workers which will increase sync time (please do not use too many workers)

As key and secret please use your assigned API key and secret (can be found at

sync-domains -key abc -secret abc -file import.csv

Or to disable the removal of domains from nimbusec:

sync-domains -delete false -key abc -secret abc -file import.csv

To keep existing domains in their defined bundles, but add new ones with another bundle entry

sync-domains -update false -key abc -secret abc -file import.csv

An example for the import.csv file is in the sync-domains directory.

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Last updated on 23rd Aug 2022