Infected-Resources Script

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This tool polls the nimbusec API for infected domains and returns the infected resources (files and paths). An example use case would be the automatic delete/move/quarantine of infected files.


If you have Go installed, the infected-resources can simply be installed by go get:

go get


As key and secret please use your assigned API key and secret (can be found at

infected-resources -key abc -secret abc -domain
  • domain: The domain command is OPTIONAL and can limit the output of the resources to one specific domain.

To get the infected resources of ALL domains just call:

infected-resources -key abc -secret abc

If you want the resources of just one domain you may limit it like this:

infected-resources -key abc -secret abc -domain

The output has csv format and can be written to a file like this:

infected-resources -key abc -secret abc > infected-resources.csv

Perform actions on the output with pipes - infinite possibilities - example:

infected-resources -key abc -secret abc -domain | sed -E 's/.*,(.*)$/echo \1/' > && sh
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Last updated on 23rd Aug 2022