Create-Agent-Config Script

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Create a nimbusec agent configuration file based on an import CSV file. The create-agent-config tool outputs the configuration to stdout, so redirect it to the desired path (e.g. /opt/nimbusec/agent.conf).


If you have Go installed, the create-agent-config can simply be installed by go get:

go get

Example Usage

As key and secret please use an Server Agent Token (can be found at

create-agent-config -key abc -secret abc -file import.csv > /opt/nimbusec/agent.conf

Or define another path for writing the temporary results file

create-agent-config -key abc -secret abc -tmpfile C:\\tmp\\nimbusec.tmp -file import.csv > /opt/nimbusec/agent.conf

An example for the import.csv file is in the create-agent-config directory.

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Last updated on 23rd Aug 2022